RFID in Europe Magazine Febuary 2016

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RFID in Europe AISBL is a not-for-profit organization established in 2012. RFID in Europe's principle goal is to promote the adoption of Radio Frequency Identification and related technology solutions enabling small and medium sized organizations throughout Europe to gain competitive advantage through their best use. RFID in Europe connects with European end-users, operators, solution providers, universities, research establishments, non-government and government organizations and all other European stakeholders through own initiatives and promotion of national projects via our international network. RFID in Europe is an extension of a European Commission FP7 Thematic Network called RACE networkRFID initiated in 2009.

Work Package Seven

Katerina Pramatari
Dissemination (Katerina Pramatari, AUEB) WP7 will be very much the public face of RACE and responsible for the widest dissemination of the benefits and advantages of RFID to Government Agencies and to SMEs and consumers across Europe. Key topics will include promotion of the proposed harmonised European RFID sign, setup and content of the website, and policy liaison. It will take a lead role in the proposed Network sponsorship of an annual, non-commercial RFID Conference and Innovation Show featuring new and niche applications.


The EU have identified the need for "a wide but strictly relevant participation .... acting as a catalyst in federating/harmonising the national initiatives underway and in catering for the different ‘speeds' of Member States and specific industry sectors." Many current and future partners in the project have existing relationships with their National Governments. The Dissemination and Government Liaision Work Package will seek will seek in collaboration with all network Members and WP1 on Policy Laision to maximise existing relationships and develop new ones as appropriate to ensure awareness-raising and education at all Government stakeholders across all Member States. WP7 will collaborate with all network Members willing to act national a relays within their country vis-à-vis local associations, administrations and governmental agencies and representatives.

All partners in the RACE networkRFID project will be invited to submit details of existing but scaleable services in respect of Government and Government agency liaision, awareness, education and training, business assist, business development, enterprise, innovation, standards, regulatory and policy support. These will be considered at the kick off meeting in order to establish the immediate credibility of RACE networkRFID

Through a harmonised and co-ordinated dissemination effort, the Network will be able to speak with one coherent voice. Dissemination materials will be customised to the specific needs of the target stakeholders and materials may also be available in different languages. Work Package 7 will collect information from WP2 relating to market analyses and look towards the development of a saleable market review which could be of great interest to the RFID community.

Sustainable income beyond the life of the Thematic Network could also be generated from the sale of a comprehensive Buyers Guide being developed in WP3.

WP7 will collaborate with WP5 on dissemination to the general public. It will also collaborate with WP5 in the promotion of the proposed harmonised European RFID sign and in partnership with WP8 on the setup and content of the website. It will collaborate closely with WP1 on policy liason. It is proposed that the Network will also consider sponsoring and supporting an annual non-commercial RFID Conference and Innovation Show featuring new and niche applications.