RFID in Europe Magazine Febuary 2016

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RFID in Europe AISBL is a not-for-profit organization established in 2012. RFID in Europe's principle goal is to promote the adoption of Radio Frequency Identification and related technology solutions enabling small and medium sized organizations throughout Europe to gain competitive advantage through their best use. RFID in Europe connects with European end-users, operators, solution providers, universities, research establishments, non-government and government organizations and all other European stakeholders through own initiatives and promotion of national projects via our international network. RFID in Europe is an extension of a European Commission FP7 Thematic Network called RACE networkRFID initiated in 2009.

Academic Day

Academic Programme:
  Introduction - RACE NetworkRFID  
09:00 Architecting the Internet of Things Dieter Uckelmann, BIBA, Germany
09:45 Evaluating the impact of RFID on warehouse process performance Angeliki Karagianaki, ELTRUN-AUEB, Greece
10:30 Overview of German research projects on RFID in the context of IoT Alexander Hille, Fraunhofer, Germany
11:30 Real Options in RFID investments Andriana Dimakopoulou, ELTRUN-AUEB, Greece
Dr. Pat Doody & Andrew Shields. Centre for innovation in distributed systems (CIDS), Ireland
14:00 Service Oriented Architecture and the IoT Prof. Fun Hu, Bradford University
CASAGRAS2 FP7 Project The CASAGRAS2 Inclusive Model for IoT
Prof Anthony Furness, AIDC Global
16:00 Education, Research & Development Interface for RFID Community
Ing. Bc. Lukas Vojtech, Ph.D. - RFID lab FEE CTU in Prague
Doc. Dr. Ing. Vladimir Kebo - Technical University Ostrava