RFID in Europe Magazine Febuary 2016

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RFID in Europe AISBL is a not-for-profit organization established in 2012. RFID in Europe's principle goal is to promote the adoption of Radio Frequency Identification and related technology solutions enabling small and medium sized organizations throughout Europe to gain competitive advantage through their best use. RFID in Europe connects with European end-users, operators, solution providers, universities, research establishments, non-government and government organizations and all other European stakeholders through own initiatives and promotion of national projects via our international network. RFID in Europe is an extension of a European Commission FP7 Thematic Network called RACE networkRFID initiated in 2009.

Work Package One

Emilie Danel
Business Monitoring, Policy Liaison and Collaboration (Emilie Danel): The prime objective of the WP1 is to monitor and coordinate work package activities in RFID business areas; to coordinate all policy activities and to upport the deployment of RFID across Europe and application domains. In addition, WP1 will liaise with existing RFID policy i itiatzfes outside of RACE networkRFID, and foster their coordination and collaboration.

WP Leader: GS1

WP Overview

The prime objective of the WP1 is to monitor the workpackage activities in business matters in full accordance with the decisions taken by the Management Board and coordinate all policy activities.
WP1 will be actively involved in all business (RFID market) related aspects of the network, to support the deployment of RFID across Europe and application domains. In addition, WP1 will liaise with existing RFID policy initiatives outside of RACE networkRFID, and foster their coordination in collaboration with all WP and in particular with Awareness, Dissemination and SMEs WP (WP 5, 6 and 7) and EU cooperation with other regions.

WP1 Activities and recent updates

RACE networkRFID position concerning the European Commission RFID Recommendation on Privacy and Data Protection.

The relationship between policy on the one hand and implementation / deployment  is clear and informs our work within the RACE Network. This is especially relevant in the context of the recently adopted European Commission RFID Recommendation on Privacy and Data Protection. The Recommendation is considered to be an essential policy instrument that provides guidance on how to deploy RFID in a privacy friendly manner. Nevertheless, the Recommendation allows for further work on  the implementation of its policy principles, and calls for relevant stakeholders to focus on awareness raising, codes of practice, measures of transparency ( European harmonized logo) privacy by design proposals in  real deployment  scenarios as well as the contributions towards a Privacy Impact Assessment Framework.


Quarterly Public Policy Update


RACE NetworkRFID work package 1:

“Policy Liaison and Collaboration“

The objectives of this quarterly updates are to:

  • Facilitate and disseminate up to date policy information that will be used in the ongoing implementation of the rest of the WP deliverables.
  • Bring together the public policy related activities of RACE NetworkRFID for the use of other WPs in particular WP 5, 6, 7 and 9.
  • Address EU policies, where appropriate national initiatives in the EU and linkage to non EU policy developments for relevance to RACE NetworkRFID.


This update provides information about several recent outcomes and events around RFID which are relevant for the Network: two upcoming high profile events on Data Protection and Privacy where RFID will be covered, an update on the review of the Data Protection and Privacy Directive, updates on the draft PIA Framework and the ESO Mandate, two stakeholders meetings with the European Commission on the Internet of Things and RFID sign, an open consultation on the Digital Agenda, the publication of the FP7 ICT Work Programme 2011/2012, and the announcement of a conference on RFID in Brussels, co-organised by RACE.

32nd Annual Conference of Data Protection and Privacy
Commissioners – “Privacy: Generations”, Israel, 27-29 October 2010

The high profile yearly Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners’ conference will take place on 27- 29 October 2010 in Israel and will gather Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners from around the globe as well as renowned experts in the field.
The conference will focus on new technologies, among others RFID, and the way these technologies request new definitions of the concepts of privacy and data protection and their boundaries.
Panel sessions composed of prominent speakers from Industry, Academia and Administration, will be chaired by Data Protection Commissioners. A member of RACE Network RFID will participate in the panel discussion on the Internet of Things.

More information http://www.privacyconference2010.org/

Data Protection and Privacy conference, Brussels, 30 November 2010
A European Data Protection and Privacy Conference organised by Forum Europe will be taking place in Brussels on 30 November 2010. This high level event will coincide with the release of a statement from the Commission (due this autumn, see article below) outlining their plans for a review of the EU data protection framework.
Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, is scheduled to give a keynote speech, as well as other relevant experts in the field, such as Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor, and Jacob Kohnstamm, Chairman of the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party.

More information http://www.eu-ems.com/summary.asp?event_id=62&page_id=421

Review of the Data Protection Directive postponed
At the beginning of August 2010, the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) has announced on its website that the revision proposal of the Data Protection Directive, initially planned for November 2010, and aiming at modernising and clarifying the 1995 Directive is now postponed to the second
semester of 2011.
The request to postpone the revision was initiated by the DPAs, claiming that the deadline of November 2010 was too tight to provide a deep and qualitative proposal. Instead, the Commission will publish a communication on this topic by the end of 2010.

More information http://www.cnil.fr/la-cnil/actu-cnil/article/article/2/la-revision-de-la-directive-europeenne-ne-doit-pas-se-faire-dans-la-precipitation/

ESOs Draft Proposal to execute Phase II of Mandate 436
Following last year’s EU Commission RFID Mandate (M436) to the three official European Standards Organisations (ESOs) to work on a list of items related to RFID Privacy, Security, Health and Safety and Environmental aspects related to the use of RFID technology, the ESOs have published a draft Technical Report proposal on how to implement their work plan describing their preliminary finds on-route to preparing for the Second phase. The objective of Phase 1 was to identify gaps in existing standards in fulfilling the objectives highlighted in the RFID Mandate (M436). Additionally the European Commission has requested support of the process of common European RFID sign and
developing concrete PIA work once the European Industry Privacy Impact Assessment Framework has been endorsed by the Article 29 Working Party, both of which are described in the EU Commission RFID Recommendation. The document was open for public consultation until September 14.

Update on the Draft Privacy Impact Assessment Framework
Following the European Recommendation on Privacy and Security Aspects related to RFID Applications of May 12 2009, European Industry presented a draft PIA Framework for RFID Applications, in collaboration with stakeholders under the EC Informal EC RFID Recommendation Experts Group, with the explicit support of relevant DGs at the European Commission. According to the EC Recommendation, the proposed text needs to be subject to the endorsement of Article 29 Working Party (Committee that includes the representatives of the 27 national Data Protection Authorities in the EU). The Article 29 Working Party delivered an Opinion (Opinion 5/10 of July 2010) during its plenary session of July 12-13 this year. The DPAs welcome the efforts of European Industry and point out some aspects where further work is needed in order to gain endorsement from this group. At present, European Industry is currently examining the comments in detail and assessing where and how these can be accommodated. Once the drafters come up with a consolidated draft, RACE Network will commence an internal and external outreach activity.

Stakeholders meeting on RFID Sign & Logo
An ad hoc stakeholders meeting is organised by DG INFSO on 30 September 2010 in Brussels to discuss RFID Signage. The objective of this meeting, which will involve various stakeholders from the ESOs, the RACE Network and others, is to reach final agreement on the specific targets, the roadmap and a methodology towards achieving a European RFID Emblem/Logo/Sign standard by the first quarter of 2012.
WP1 and WP5 will participate in that meeting.
Announcement at this link: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/policy/rfid/index_en.htm

New Internet of Things Experts group
As announced in June by Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, an Experts Group on the Internet of Things has been officially set up at the beginning of August.
This group will be composed of various stakeholders active in the field of the Internet of Things and will provide inputs to the European Commission to identify potential opportunities and issues and help the EC develop its action plan following the communication on IoT issued last year as well as in the context of the Digital Agenda.
The first meeting of the Expert Group will be held on 22 and 23 September in Brussels, and will be an introductory meeting to get an overview of what each stakeholder can bring to the group.

Digital Agenda Consultation
An online consultation is currently open on the Digital Agenda website to inquire about interest from organisations on the Digital Agenda their possible contributions to the proposed actions. The link to the online questionnaire is
The information provided via this questionnaire will allow the European Commission to prepare the sessions on the Digital Agenda to be held in each European country and shape them according to the inputs received.
Please note that one of the priorities of the Digital Agenda is to promote and facilitate the use of ICT for SMEs, especially by making research funds more accessible to SMEs and by improving access to eSkills and digital literacy.
No deadline is indicated for providing input.
Digital Agenda website: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/digital-agenda/index_en.htm

ICT Work Programme 2011/2012 published
The European Commission issued the ICT Work Programme 2011/2012 downloadable at this link http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/
This Work Programme defines the priorities for calls for proposals that will result in projects to be launched in the period 2011-12. Among others, the programme’s strategy contains relevant elements for the network, such as promoting a low carbon economy with ICT, supporting innovation for SMEs, and developing Internet of Things technologies.
An Info Day will be organised on Objective 1.3 of the call 7 (Internet-connected objects) and objective 7.3 of the Factory of the Future call on 8 October 2010 in Brussels.

RFID market place and conference at UEAPME, 22 November 2010
RACE partner UEAPME will organise a market place and conference on RFID in Brussels on 22 November 2010. The event will focus on the commercial pay off from investments in RFID technology and will be organised in collaboration with two other EU-funded projects on RFID technology in which UEAPME participates, the “ASPIRE-FP7” project and the “RFID-ROI-SME” project. European Commission representatives are expected to participate to this event.
For more information, contact Ove Canemyr at ove.canemyr@trendsetter.se

If you have any questions, please contact emilie.danel@gs1.org