RFID in Europe Magazine Febuary 2016

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RFID in Europe AISBL is a not-for-profit organization established in 2012. RFID in Europe's principle goal is to promote the adoption of Radio Frequency Identification and related technology solutions enabling small and medium sized organizations throughout Europe to gain competitive advantage through their best use. RFID in Europe connects with European end-users, operators, solution providers, universities, research establishments, non-government and government organizations and all other European stakeholders through own initiatives and promotion of national projects via our international network. RFID in Europe is an extension of a European Commission FP7 Thematic Network called RACE networkRFID initiated in 2009.

Management Board

Here's the complete list of the actual managment board.

MB member


Role 1

Pat Doody

ITT Tralee

GA rep

Emilie Danel



Alexander Hille

Fraunhofer IML


Laurent Gonzalez



Patrick Guillemin



Trevor Peirce



Ove Canemyr



Katerina Pramatari



Philippe Rohou



Ian Smith



Gunnar Ivansson


GA rep

Ludger Fisher


GA rep

Pat Doody - Chairman
(Institute of Technology, Tralee, Wireless and Mobility Research Group - ITT)

The Institute of Technology, Tralee (ITT, www.ittralee.ie) is based on two campuses, with a community of over 3,500 students. ITT has a growing research community of over 400 academic staff and researchers. One of the Research Centres in the Institute is the Centre for Innovation in Distributed Systems (CIDS). Dr. Pat Doody is a co-founder and the Director of CIDS which was formed as collaboration between the Wireless and Mobility Research Group in the Institute of Technology, Tralee and the MIT Forum for Supply Chain and is also an affiliate member of MIT Energy Initiative.

The primary research focus is in the area of Knowledge Discovery in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Internet of Things (IOT) systems with a particular interest in projects that are applied and industrial in nature. The group has been leading the drive towards RFID and IOT adoption by Irish industry which is proportionally low compared with other EU countries Other research expertise covers Artificial Intelligence, Sensor Networks, Reality Mining, Middleware Development, Mobile Software Development among others.

Contact Name: Pat Doody
Contact Email:


Ian Smith (AIM UK)

AIM UK is the not-for-profit industry association for manufacturers and suppliers of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), a range of technologies in which Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the most prominent. For 25 years, AIM UK has provided an authoritative, non-commercial, technical and standards-based lead in championing the effective and appropriate use of RFID in all sectors of life: industry, commerce, leisure and personal security. It has a unique position not only in understanding the positioning of RFID as an advantageous technology in itself – but also its application in the context of Automatic Identification and Data Capture as a whole..

Contact Name: Ian Smith
Contact Email: ian@aimuk.org
Website: www.aimuk.org


Philippe Rohou (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - ERCIM)

ERCIM is a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) federating 19 different national research organisations with strong activity in IT research and development, across 19 European countries (www.ercim.org). The central ERCIM Office based in Sophia Antipolis, France, will coordinate the RACE networkRFID initiative, ensuring the neutral and unbiased administrative and financial coordination of the network. The ERCIM Office team has a proven expertise in managing research projects, ranging from pan-European Networks of Excellence (CoreGRID IST-004265) to leading Integrated Projects (ACGT IST-026996, VITALAS IST- 045389). ERCIM has also a very valuable competence in project dissemination and technology transfer. In this perspective, ERCIM will also provide support to the network’s dissemination activities, in particular through the web site design and maintenance, and by establishing a sustainable information flow across both partners and workpackages.

Contact Name: Philippe Rohou
Contact Email: philippe.rohou@ercim.eu
Website: www.ercim.eu


Patrick Guillemin (European Telecommunications Standards Institute - ETSI)

ETSI (www.etsi.org) is a not-for-profit organisation whose 700 member organisations, including manufacturers, network operators, administrations, service providers, research bodies and users benefit from direct participation and are drawn from 62 countries. ETSI produces globally-applicable standards for ICT, including fixed, mobile, radio, converged,
broadcast and internet technologies and is officially recognized by the EC as a European Standards Organisation. The high quality of ETSI's work and open approach to standardisation has helped it evolve into a European roots - global branches operation with a global reputation for technical excellence in standardisation and related topics, particularly
interoperability. ETSI is member of 3 EU FP7 RFID projects: GRIFS, CASAGRAS and CuteLoop.

Contact Name: Patrick Guillemin
Contact Email:


Laurent Gonzales (FilRFID)

Contact Name: Laurent Gonzales
Contact Email: filrfidlg@gmail.com


Trevor Peirce (AVANTA)

Contact Name: Trevor Peirce
Contact Email: trevor.j.peirce@hotmail.com

Katerina Pramatari (ELTRUN-AUEB)

Contact Name: Katerina Pramatari
Contact Email: k.pramatari@aueb.gr

Gunnar Ivansson (LearningWell)

Contact Name: Gunnar Ivansson
Contact Email: gunnar.ivansson@learningwell.se
Website: WWW.learningwell.se


Emilie Danel (GS1)

Contact Email:



 Alexander Hille (FHG IML)

Contact Name: Alexander Hille
Contact Email:


Ove Canemyr (RFID NORDIC)

Our objective is to establish a Nordic know-how cluster, to be a link between customers, suppliers, universities and other education establishments, the media, decision-makers and authorities in the Nordic region. To increase knowledge by disseminating information in various ways and taking an active role in mass media, fairs and exhibitions and other trendsetting events. We are continuously organizing exhibitions, workshops and seminars along with the annual GOLD TAG awards for customers and suppliers. And every year we hand over a Scholarship, RFID Nordic Stipendium, for best new examination work /study for solutions based on RFID.

Contact Name: Ove Canemyr
Contact Email:


Ludger Fisher (UEAPME)

Contact Name: Ludger Fisher
Contact Email: